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  • 100% DESI COWS PURE GHEE WITH DELICIOUS TASTE & AROMA: Our pure ghee is homemade ghee with taste and flavor.
  • KEEPS YOUR DIGESTION IN CHECK: Ditch unhealthy options such as super refined cooking oil and butter for the asli ghee that helps with better digestion and gives you the energy boost to start the day.
  • BETTER NUTRITION, BETTER IMMUNITY: Packed with vitamin A, D, E & K, and omega-3s, Ghee aids in better immunity, heart health, joint health, and more.
  • NO PRESERVATIVES: We never compromise on the quality, purity, and taste of our ghee which makes it safe for your consumption.
  • HOW TO CONSUME: Drizzle some ghee on chapatis, parathas, bread, etc. Or use it for a sizzling tadka in dals, curries, and vegetables. You can also use it as a Dry skin care remedy for glowing skin.

Topale's Desi Cow Ghee 350gm

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    • ✔️ PURE DESI GHEE: 100% Pure Grass-fed Desi Cow's hand churned Ghee is typically prepared by simmering butter, which is churned from cultured curd (traditionally made dahi), skimming all milk solids from the surface, then pouring and retaining the clear liquid vedic ghee while discarding the solid residue that has settled to the bottom
    • ✔️ HIGHLY NUTRITIOUS: Topale's Desi Cow Ghee is full of nutritive fatty acids, an ideal fat source for the Indian diet. Blessed with balanced omega 3 to omega 6 ratio and Conjugated linoleic acid, Its regular consumption enhances physical and mental strength for a balanced and active lifestyle. It keeps the body healthy and increases the potency of the body.
    • ✔️ TASTE AND AROMA: Topale's Desi cow ghee has a grainy texture, thicker consistency, tempting aroma, and great flavour, making every dish in your home satiating and delicious.
    • ✔️ 100% NATURAL: It is free from pesticides and chemicals; we ensure only the purest vedic natural organic and premium quality ghee reaches your family.
    • ✔️ USAGE: Cooking, Baking, Sauteing, Using as Spread, Adding in Coffee, Other Usages like Skin Massage, Ayurvedic practice called Nasya etc
    • ✔️ STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Our  Desi Ghee is best stored in a cool and dry place with the lid tightly closed. Use a Wooden Spoon instead of Plastic Spoon, we use our high-quality glass jars for longer shelf life, to preserve quality and taste, and as a safer, non-toxic
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