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  • Almonds are considered a nutrient for the brain and nervous system and also said to induce high intellectual level and longevity. Rich in Vitamins A & E, it nourishes and improves complexion reviving its natural glow. 

Topale's Wooden Cold Pressed Almond Oil 100ml

SKU: AO100
₹411.00 Regular Price
₹259.00Sale Price
    • GET THE SOFT, BEAUTIFUL HAIR YOU'VE DREAMED OF - Enjoy silky smooth, dandruff-free hair, all thanks to Topale's Naturals Virgin and Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil - Now with Protein, Vitamin E, and Omega-9!
    • FIGHT DANDRUFF AT THE SOURCE - Keep your hair flake-free and flawless with our all natural sweet almond oil - Giving you the confidence you need to be your best self!
    • STRONGER, SHINIER HAIR - Make an impact on every room you walk into! Heads will turn when they see your shiny, nourished skin and hair, all thanks to Toaple's Naturals Pure Almond Oil!
    • SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR & SKIN TYPES : Made using chemical-free substances, the Topale's Naturals Sweet Almond Oil's unique anti-inflammatory properties reduce flakes and dry skin. It works as a natural anti-aging solution by tightening the skin and keeps your face, lips, and body hydrated and supple. Cold-pressed oil: The Sweet Almond Oil for hair from Rey Naturals is cold-pressed without heat or chemical substances like hexane.
    • MADE IN INDIA WITH THE HIGHEST STANDARDS - Our all natural sweet almond hair oil is made right here in India, with a focus on quality to make sure each bottle works to give you the lushious hair you desire
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